Friday, February 19, 2010

Birkie Weather Speculation: Week 2

For the last week, we've been following along as the models converge on a solution for the Birkie next weekend. It's been looking like a cool, dry race for several model runs (good run-to-run continuity) which means it will be probably be snowing or 80 next week. In any case, the last post was getting a bit long-winded, so we'll start the final countdown here.

Feb 20 00Z: Seasonable, dry. 2-4" of snow Wednesday and Thursday.
Feb 20 06Z: Seasonable (10-15), dry. 2-4" snow Wednesday and Thursday.
Feb 20 12Z: Seasonable, dry.
Feb 20 18Z: Seasonable, dry.
Feb 21 00Z: Seasonable, dry. 1-2" snow Tuesday-Wednesday.
Feb 21 06Z: Seasonable (teens), dry. Inch of snow midweek.
Feb 21 12Z: Seasonable (teens), slight possibility of light snow/flurries during race.
Feb 21 18Z: Seasonable (5-15), 1-3" snow midweek.
Feb 22 00Z: Seasonably cool, 1-3" snow midweek.
Feb 22 06Z: Seasonably coo, 1-3" snow midweek. Light northerly wind.
Feb 22 12Z-18Z: It's coming down to 1-2 inches of snow tomorrow (most likely more as you go north on the trail) and temperatures around 5 for the race start (8:30), rising to 20 during the race for fast folks, 30 for later wavers. No more updates unless there are any major changes.
Feb 23 00Z-06Z: Same as before, but with the slight possibility of light snow during the race.

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