Friday, February 5, 2010

City of Lakes

We skied from the Chalet south along the course through the trail up behind Hidden Beach. The trail is in excellent shape, including across the lakes (the new snow makes a big difference, especially since it was sticky and fell with little or no wind) so the coverage is full. Snow was being hauled to road crossings, too, and grooming with a sled was in progress; it was still very soft after the sled had passed but hopefully it will go down to 15 at least to set up some for Sunday, otherwise it will be a very soft race! The only minor problem spots, and I mean minor, were at either end of the I-394 bridge where water on the road was being kicked up by cars on to the snow, making or very slow, sloppy sections. A couple tubs of shoveled snow and it would be all better—the middle of the bridge is in good shape.

It should be a fun race Sunday.

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