Thursday, February 4, 2010


Practice today entailed shifts of shoveling snow interspersed with thresholds round the back loop in the woods off the Par 3. I was told by one of my skiers that I am not to call the Mound by its previous name, so it will now be "Collin's Mound," but that's where we shoveled. The trail over the Mound was pretty much white, but quite thin, and we shoveled a mixture of powder and ice on to the treadway. It probably didn't need too much shoveling but we were happy to oblige. Shoveling, it turns out, is a fine workout. Especially when you take a shovel like a canoe paddle and "paddle" a stroke of snow off the crust and on to the trail.

It's now thicker but very soft, but with new snow and some good grooming it should be good for race day, as long as it gets colder out. The rest of the trail back there is in fine shape, and was getting somewhat soft with the new snow, but perfect for no-poles intervals. The snowmaking area is a bit firmer, but groomed up well so the hills are no longer icy at all. And now on radar there's a heavy band of snow—bring it on. Full trail report coming tomorrow.

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