Thursday, February 4, 2010

Please, sir, may I have another?

In January, we received 3.1 inches of snow. And had decent skiing most of the month.

In the first two days of February, we received 3.1 inches of snow.

In the next few? Here's the latest "meteogram" generated from the NAM and GFS models (through the fantastic Bufkit Warehouse, which is run by a grad student down at Iowa State who wants to work for the NWS and better get a job).
Last night, I got very excited when the 00Z GFS printed out nearly four inches of snow tonight and tomorrow and another seven from Sunday through early next week. That's 11" of snow! So this morning I woke up, checked the site, and saw that the next model run was lower (the chart shown here) or so I though, until I looked at the scale at the left and realized that last night's line was the low blue line. (In addition the newer NAM was printing out a bit more snow.) The latest GFS had us getting more than ten inches next Sunday to Tuesday. Well, uh, holy smokes. That would be amazing.

So, for now, we'll speculate. The models are still not in full agreement for next week. But they're coming together. And, boy, would another foot of snow be nice.

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