Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This afternoon was better than this morning. It's not great, but what's there now is better. It's not perfect, no, but not as hard packed as it was this morning when it was almost difficult to keep on top of your skis. The issue is probably that it had gone long enough without a groom that the tiller just chopped up the hard pack—it might need a couple grooms to get in better shape.


  1. Are you not tapering before the Birkie? Or is your taper about reducing intensity & duration while maintaining frequency?

  2. I went to Como twice yesterday. The morning was one lap—less than 30 minutes—easy. The afternoon was a promised technique session with the Macalester team with some very short double pole intervals because I was bored waiting for them. So, yeah, short but frequent. I should be fine so long as I don't catch cold / breathe in many fluoros tonight.