Friday, February 19, 2010


I was across the river this morning and dropped by Wirth to take a loop—I would have done more but tweaked my quad a bit, and I had to get to work—and the trails are in great shape. The snowmaking course has been tilled up and is nearly the epitome of perfection. The rest of the course has seen snowmobile grooming and is pretty hard, especially for rock skis with no edges left. My well-structured skis were very, very slow, too, on the snow which got rather cold overnight, although the sun was making its presence known in a hurry. There were a couple places where the sun has transformed the snow, but coverage is complete throughout. To think that last year at this time we had rivulets of water streaming through the barely-covered snowmaking section and the rest was grass! There were quite a few other folks out enjoying the skiing.

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