Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Weather speculation: let the fun begin

I spend way too much time watching as each model run comes in. Ooh, the 12Z GFS! The 15Z SREF! In any case, the numbers are in flux, but a foot looks rather likely. Two feet is definitely not out of the question. The variables right now are whether any non-snow precipitation gets as far north as the Twin Cities (about 50-50 right now) and what the final QPF amounts are. That said, I'd bet someone gets two feet.


  1. I can relate - I'm watching the model outputs realtime. Not being very effective at work today. :) What websites do you use to get model runs?


  2. Oh, my models. Let's say I have a long bookmark list. I'll do a whole post with weather sites one of these days, there are quite a few. Stay tuned—I have a few other things to do, like ski and shovel.