Sunday, December 27, 2009

Birkie Trail

Double Birkie report forthcoming—for now I have to go to bed. But, a trail report:

The double Birkie was fantastic. Four or five inches of light, soft powder fell overnight and we went out from Fish Hatchery in the snow, but the groomer came by a couple K in and we had a pretty good classic track and a flat, if somewhat soft, skate lane. I switched to skating at OO and skated in to Telemark, with the groomer having gone through and the trail in very good shape. After lunch, heading south, the trail had firmed up an the skate deck was in terrific shape. Some old snow had been tilled up so it's not straight powder but it's firm and relatively fast (although a bit wet). Some cold nights and tilling should get it in even better shape, but the race could be run tomorrow and it would be great.

I can only get to two trails at most, on a good day! Check out all the trail reports at

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