Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wirth (snowmaking)

Still alive and kicking (in slush).

What may be my last ski of the year (unless we play more of The Game) at Wirth today was mostly teaching a couple folks who'd skied a combined once in their lives. Getting up the hill to the start was interesting (we probably should have walked up) but at least it was warm out. The trail is getting pretty good and slushy, but is skiable. The base on the non-snowmaking trail looked quite wet and slushy/icy where it's thin, but the base on the snowmaking course is generally thick (although they'll have to make more snow next year to assure good skiing for JOs).

There was one burnout section right before the downhill before the sliding hill, and a lake at the bottom of the first big downhill out of the stadium. It made for great waterskiing (I was soaked from my thighs down) but was pretty much across the trail, and rather deep. Before snow is made next year, a pipe should be laid down in order to channel the runoff under the trail, which right now acts as a dam (we saw this happen last February).

But, it's March 7, so I can't complain. Oh, here's a picture of biking with skis. This is very excellent. I just put the boots in the bindings and inserted the boots in to my extra large Timbuk2 bag. Thus, the boots keep the skis from going anywhere. Then, cinch up the straps over the skis. It works great with poles, too; just put the straps over the high side (tips or tails) although they don't slide around anyway. And give cars some extra clearance, especially on the right. On the left, the skis extend up above the cars you pass at lights.

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