Saturday, March 20, 2010

North Boulder Park

Conditions at North Boulder Park were deteriorating, but not horrid. As a novelty I jumped on my friend's town bike to head up to the in-town trails in Boulder this evening. The sun and temperatures in the 30s had melted a lot of the snow, but the trails were still skiable (they were probably fantastic this morning, as they were groomed last night and it was 10 overnight). Still, coverage was continuous and except for a couple thin spots across sidewalks and a frozen, rutted puddle, it was fine for skating. And the scenery (see pictures) is very hard to beat. It's only a k and pretty fast, but also only a mile from Boulder.

Tomorrow calls for a trip up to Eldora (after hours—the guy at Eldora said "well, all I can say is 'they don't lock the gate, if you check my drift'" and the folks at Boulder Nordic Sport said "oh, yeah, people go up there after work all the time") so I'll have a report from there tomorrow, hopefully.

Here are the sweet pictures from the day today:

The Flatirons on my morning run to WFR class. It was gorgeous, but the icy roads were not meant for bicycling. Tomorrow, though, I get to ride Boulder's sweet bike trails (they are mostly concrete, so would not be great for rollerskiing. I think that's what the roads up the canyons are for—one can be skied up and you can then take a bus—the same bus that goes to Eldora—down.

And few were attempting to do so.

The trails were just okay, but the views were amazing.

The Flatirons, again.

Yeah, there was a lot of snow, but it was melting fast. This tree, however, had a lot of snow on its northern flank.

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