Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Squaw Valley

I've been traveling a bit. Boulder, Boston for Passover and a flood, then Tahoe. Lots of airplanes. The trip to Reno as interesting—we flew from Boston to San Francisco (right over Hetch Hetchy, which I correctly identified, photographed, and compared to Google Maps on the ground) and then backtracked to Reno.

Once we were settled in, we had an hour to kill before dinner and trails groomed at Squaw Valley. It's not really a nordic center, but a few k of trails for people who don't want to go gravity skiing. We didn't know how to get on the trails, so wound up traipsing through the new snow to get to the groomed snow. My mother didn't love that.

It was a 30" powder day so there hadn't been much action on the trails (which were pretty well groomed) as most anyone who was there before 3 had hit the slopes—in fact at 6 p.m. we were the first skaters of the day. The snow had packed well, however, and the scenery was great, although the trails were less than perfect (but not bad, just a few punch-throughs).

Some pictures:

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