Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Terrace Oaks

Conditions: Pretty much perfect.

Don't bother with anything else. The trails at Terrace Oaks are all but perfect. The inner loop (black) is spectacular, despite almost no skier traffic. The outer loop (blue) has two minor and completely avoidable obstacles: 1) an exposed water bar and 2) the area with the manhole covers. Both could benefit from five minutes of shoveling. There is a good, deep, hard classic track set the whole way but because the trail is so narrow it is skated out on most of the hills. The skate lanes were firm and smooth and level. We could not ask for anything more. I skied under the light of a headlamp and the almost-full moon, so I may have missed something, but I did ski each loop twice. With the current state of the moon, there is no light needed on a clear night.

This is at B-of-not-A race ski, midwinter conditions. The groomers have done a great job, starting with a good base from that first snow, and the trails have benefited from being in the exact right location to catch some good snow. I would have skied longer if I hadn't not had dinner.

I can only get to two trails at most, on a good day! Check out all the trail reports at skinnyski.com

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