Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hoigaards/Breadsmith race

I am not a morning person. I'll start with that. Especially for racing. It's a miracle that I can get up and ski the Birkie in any shape since it goes off before 9:00. By 10 I am usually more lucid, but never really good if I have to get up wicked early.

So the ungodly start time for Hoigaards was not pleasing to me. Jakob wanted a race partner, and he billed the race as a good interval workout. Quite. And surprisingly, none of the Macalester skiers, in the midst of finals, wanted to wake up at 5-something for a race. I wonder why.

The new snow was nice for the race, but I wasn't feeling it. Jakob went hard and came back with the lead, and I quickly relinquished it. I felt, uh, pretty bad, but it was before 7 a.m., so there. The second lap was slightly better, and after the race we skied up and down the hill a few times, went to see the high school kids crash (and none did!) and then made for home. There was a raffle which we stayed around for for all of three minutes. In which time I won a free scraper. Which was great for scraping my car windows.

With the race and gravity skiing soon to open, the lot was filled with people, with SUVs (gravity skiers) circling. I wanted to sell off our spot for $5 (to avoid having to take the shuttle from overflow) but Jakob objected. Oh, Spotscout, how we need ye (if ye hadn't been so poorly managed).

Results: My times are not a thing of beauty. Then again, I'm not a morning sprinter.

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