Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Close to perfect.

I could go in to the areas at Woodland that have issues (a couple icy spots on Wash Pond and Prairie Loop) and say that the snow is part powdery but icy in a few spots but ... with the bit of snow the whole trail is in excellent shape. Somehow, with a few hundred dollars of equipment the trail wokers have the best grooming this side of the Birkie Trail. It's always amazing how there is grass all the way to the trailhead, but the trails themselves always have snow. I don't know how they do it.

In other words, Woodland was totally worth the drive. I started skiing right around dusk when the last of the walkers came out of the woods, and had two hours of headlamp-lit pleasure. By the time I left, the stars made a magnificent show (except to the south, where the Cities' lights blocked them out) and the skiing was still great.

Kudos to the slaves, and ready the rollers!

I can only get to two trails at most, on a good day! Check out all the trail reports at

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