Saturday, February 28, 2009

Murphy Hanrahan

The best.

Okay, it was soft. And there are about three spots where it is starting to burn through (the picnic table and the uphill after the boardwalk, which has a big rock in the middle which is avoidable). But, wow. It's amazing.

The sky is a deep blue I thought only existed in the movies. The almost-March sunshine makes it seem warm even though the air temp is in the mid teens. The snow? Well, it's powdery but definitely firm enough to skate on, albeit somewhat slow (what usually takes 40-45 minutes to do the Razorback took 50-55). The downhills are in terrific shape—no ice even on the big hill and the S-curves, which is surprisingly easy to ski in powder conditions. It is just outstanding skiing right now at Murphy, and I'm excited because it is light until 6:30 now, so I can ski it in the evening, too. Of my seven years of skiing in the Twin Cities I am having trouble thinking of a better two hours of skiing.

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