Friday, February 13, 2009

Wirth snowmaking

Very good.
Every time I've gone to Wirth this year I've looked at the trail under the Olsen and along the Parkway and thought "well, it looks like skiing should be great."

Sadly, this is no longer the case. The front nine is ice and grass, but once you get to the chalet there is skiing to be had. They're blowing snow on the sliding hill right now, and the trail could use some in places, although the coverage is full. There are a few icy spots, a few dirty spots and a few thin spots—probably enough to preclude the use of your best skis—but it's really not bad at all. The trail is pretty firm, too, more so than Elm Creek (although this may be due to less traffic) so it is quite enjoyable. Having 2k of manmade snow with a view of the Minneapolis skyline through the trees is nothing to scoff at. Plus, I like the terrain better than Elm Creek.

My folks were coming to town and I was skiing until I got a call that their plane had landed. They spent an extra 45 minutes on the ground in Milwaukee meaning I spent an extra 45 minutes skiing, and put in more than 10 laps of Wirth. It gets repetitive, but it's really quite a nice course. With rock skis.

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