Friday, January 29, 2010

Wirth, City of Lakes

I started at dusk in the stadium and skied, well, most of the COLL trail. The snowmaking section is outstanding—a jewel in our community, and groomed to perfection. The rest of that side of the Parkway is in good shape, with a couple icy and dirty sections, but it has survived the rain remarkably well. They've done some work, too, at one point plowing snow over what was at one point an icy section, and they were blowing snow on a portion, I assume to patch up the course.

The link down to the bridge isn't very snow yet (but it sure is icy as I walked down) but it should be fun to shoot down it and across the Parkway next week. The Front 9 is in good shape and has a solid classic track, a feature of the Back 9 as well. The machine was making its rounds when I skied through. The Connector is also in good shape, even under 55.

It was chilly by the time I hit Butler, but it's very good as well, even on some of the problem hills. Quaking Bog is a bit icier, but coverage is quite good. Feeling the chill, I didn't hit the lakes but headed back to the start, with the moon and city lighting my way. At one point I felt compelled to stop and soak it all in—the full moon rising over the skyline looming over the ski trail—what a glorious evening! Tomorrow, I bring a camera.

And next full moon is Birkie!

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