Saturday, March 7, 2009

Crust skiing

Good crust skiing.

Once the sun went down this evening I headed over to Highland for some time on the crust. Now, it wasn't akin to 15k of ungroomed trails with crust I experienced in Maine a couple years ago (superb!) and in a couple places the snow wasn't even continuous, but it was quite good, lots of edge from the sun-dappled snow but very firm—no breakthroughs anywhere. I skied both the 9 and 18 hole courses. The 9 hole has better coverage for the most part, but you have to avoid the previously-groomed, and icier, areas. The 18 hole is larger and where there is snow it is in better shape, but there are a couple sections where you have to walk across the grass on your skis. Considering the skis I was on, this was not an issue. I'll probably go off to test the crust at the T&C tomorrow morning!

I can only get to two trails at most, on a good day! Check out all the trail reports at

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