Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Como on Monday, Battle Creek Tuesday

Como on Monday was pretty atrocious. There wasn't much to deal with on the ground, with windblown snow across the ice. I wrote:
Had there been no wind, most of Como would have been in fine shape. As it was, there were sections with new snow and sections which were quite icy (especially the U-turns at the bottoms of the first couple of hills). In any case, it is marginally skiable, but not a whole lot of fun.
It really wasn't pleasant.

Tuesday, today, we went to Battle Creek, hoping that at least, according to earlier trail reports, the woods would be nice. But while we were there, the groomer was continuing to make rounds, and the skiing was surprisingly good. There were a couple icy spots, but on the whole trail I could count them on one hand, and none was on a downhill or somewhere else it would have been especially problematic. There were some powdery areas, too, especially in the woods, and the track which was being set was shallow but looked pretty solid. I skied the whole course on rock skis with no edges, but there are no thin spots so you could use better skis—with better edges—for best results. Still, there is good purchase nearly everywhere, and even the big hills out back are in fine shape if you are comfortable on them.

The only area which was not groomed was the flat section on the lighted loop back down on to the prairie (the LLBDOTP). The hill down was groomed, and the hill up had good coverage of new snow which was skied in. The bottom was in pretty rough shape—with a couple of brown spots—but the icy/windblown sections were a testament to the grooming. Great work grooming!

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